Color digital print - A3 paper size - 80gr. - 250gr.
prints number 4/0 colors / piece 4/4 colors / piece
1 piece 58,00 kn 102,00 kn
2 pieces 32,00 kn 56,00 kn
3 pieces 23,35 kn 49,80 kn
4 pieces 19,50 kn 34,25 kn
5 pieces 18,00 kn 31,60 kn
6 pieces 15.85 kn 27,85 kn
7 pieces 14,30 kn 25,15 kn
8 pieces 13,15 kn 23,15 kn
9 pieces 12,25 kn 21,55 kn
10 pieces 11,50 kn 20,30 kn
20 pieces 9,75kn 17,15 kn
25 pieces 8,80 kn 15,50 kn
50 pieces 8,00 kn 14,10 kn
75 pieces 6,00 kn 10,60 kn
100 pieces 5,00 kn 8,80 kn
125 pieces 4,40 kn 7,75 kn
150 pieces 4,00 kn 7,05 kn
175 pieces 3,75 kn 6,55 kn
200 pieces 3,50 kn 6,20 kn
500 pieces 2,60 kn 4,70 kn
addition to price
280 gr. board + 1 kn
stickers + 2,50 kn
Color ink-jet print - large size
Color laser prints from Apple or Windows on HP DesignJet 3800 CP/over Delta RIP. Resolution 600-1200 dpi.Maximum width of printout : 1,37m (54"). 90% identical to real press.
INK JET - graphics poster (matte paper 80 gr. / 120 gr.) m2
120,00 kn / 150,00 kn
INK JET - graphics poster (fotoglossy and semi glossy papers) m2
INK JET - graphics poster (color fast adhesive vinyl) m2
220,00 kn
BILLBOARD (4x3m or 5,04x2,38m), 1 month color guarantee ( waterproof paper + UV)) m2
150,00 kn
CITY-LIGHT on backlit film (1,185x1,75m) 3 month color guarantee m2
350,00 kn
350,00 kn
Input on magnetic medium
Input from transparent or non transparent original, maximum size 50x68 cm.High quality separation to 300 dp
- rotation scanner -
scanning 1Mb 3,00 kn
Electronic image modification
Manipulation in colors, image modification, masking, new backgrounds, etc.
- per hour   135,00 kn
Electronic desktop publishing
Integration of images and text, coloring, tones, multiplying, etc.
- per hour   110,0 kn
Storing of electronic data
Elektronske podatke možemo pohraniti na Data-traku (90 min.- 2GB) ili CD (74 min. 700 MB)
recording on CD   50,00 kn
storing per month   0,1125 kn
Input and make up, page of texts
Input on magnetic medium from handwritten documents, typwritten texts, 30 000 characters, read and corrected.If the input is less than 30 000 characters, we charge the working hours.

1000 characters   22,50 kn
- per hour   110,00 kn
- per hour   80 kn
binders   6,50 kn
binders   3,50 kn
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